ℹ️Section 13 - 15

13. Responsibility for the Information on the Website and the Apps

13.1. DOGAMÍ makes every effort to provide up-to-date information on its Website and its Apps.

13.2. All information brought to the attention of persons accessing the Website and the Apps has been selected at a given date.

13.3. Each Collectible is presented on the Website and the Apps in the form of a description of its main technical characteristics. The photographs are as accurate as possible but are not binding on DOGAMÍ.

13.4. DOGAMÍ cannot be held liable for the content released by the Users as well as the contents exchanged between them and gives no guarantee, express or implicit, in this respect.

14. Responsibility for Technological Tools

14.1. Given the nature and complexity of the technologies used, each Party recognises that the Website and the Apps cannot be free from anomalies, failures, interruptions, and unavailability.

14.2. Users accept the security risks inherent in the provision of information, online trading on the internet and experimental technologies such as blockchains and non-fungible tokens. Users agree that DOGAMÍ shall not be liable for any breach of security unless caused by gross negligence on the part of DOGAMÍ.

14.3. DOGAMÍ is not responsible for any losses incurred by Users as a result of using the blockchain network and digital asset wallets. DOGAMÍ has no control over the blockchain network and shall not be liable for any losses arising from the blockchain.

14.4. In the event of a malfunction or incident of any nature when using the Website and the Apps, the User must immediately inform the DOGAMÍ company.

14.5. DOGAMI, in order to improve the Marketplace, may implement bridging services offered and controlled by third parties. DOGAMI is not responsible for the control, operation, maintenance and general standard of these services. The User agrees to hold DOGAMI harmless for any losses incurred as a direct or indirect consequence of the use of these bridging services.

14.6. DOGAMÍ cannot be held responsible for any error or omission. Any update, new service or new characteristic which improves or increases one or several existing information contents will be subject to the present Terms.

14.7. The equipment (in particular computer, telephone, software, electronic communication means) allowing the access and the use of the Website and the Apps are at the exclusive charge of Users, as well as the electronic communication costs (in particular telephone costs, Internet access costs) resulting from their use.

15. Responsibilities of the User

15.1. The User acknowledges that he/she uses the Website and the Apps at his/her own risk and that he/she must carry out any necessary and/or useful verification before any use under his/her exclusive responsibility.

15.2. Only persons of legal age (+ 18) may access the Website and the Apps.

15.3. Within the framework of these Terms, the User has been informed that he/she must ensure:

15.3.1. compliance with the required technical recommendations; and

15.3.2. that he/she has the necessary skills and sufficient information for optimal use of the Website.

15.4. The User remains fully, entirely and exclusively responsible for using the information obtained on the Website and the Apps.

15.5. In general, each User undertakes to use the Website and the Apps:

15.5.1. in compliance with the laws, regulations and rights of third parties; and

15.5.2. in a loyal manner and in accordance with its purpose, in compliance with these Terms and regulations.

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