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The User (as defined below) is aware that


The information contained in or provided from or through the Website (as defined below) is not intended to be financial advice, trading advice, or any other type of advice. DOGAMI’s website aims to provide information about the fundamentals of DOGAMI, its ecosystem and partners, as well as the various applications it gives access to. Adequate professional advice in the financial, legal and technical fields is to be sought before using DOGAMI.

Risk Statement

Blockchain technology and crypto-assets carry significant risks for users, including the possible loss of all value allocated in crypto-assets. Such risks arise from the novelty of this technology, the regulatory uncertainty, the possibility of hacking, the high volatility and the information asymmetry characterising the crypto market. Users should not purchase crypto assets with funds they cannot afford to lose.

The Services are not subject to any licensing or any other authorization requirements under the law of Switzerland. As a result, the provision of the Services under the Terms & Conditions (as defined below) are not subject to supervision by any specific Authority (as defined below). As a consequence, regulatory protections associated with financial services subject to authorization, such as investors or deposit protection DOGAMI (as defined below), are not available to you with relation to services subject to the Terms & Conditions. The value of digital assets may fluctuate significantly and there is a substantial risk of economic losses when staking digital assets.

By making use of the Services, the User (as defined below) acknowledges and agrees that they acknowledged themself with the risk warning document published on the Website (as defined below) and: (i) the User is aware of the risks associated with transactions of digital assets; (ii) the User shall assume all risks related to the use of the Services and the transactions of digital assets; and (iii) DOGAMI shall not be liable for any such risks attached thereto or adverse outcomes.

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